Al Serdal Restaurant


Photo session for Al-Serdal Doha, Qatar.

In 2 days I shot the Interior , Exterior & Food it was a Hard Job took more than 2000 Capture but also I Enjoyed.

Interior Designer recommendation to take shots as taken in the 3Dmax, Showing the Space & how privacy he creates to each table & the privacy of the users & outer spaces  without losing the view using the Screens giving some shades & Shadows, Also creating cross ventilation using the Double height in the entrance.

The client Request is to have some Conceptual shots Defining the main concept of the Restaurant (Eat , Enjoy & Relax).

Outdoor shots I took it in the Sunset to mix the Lights between warm sunlight & its shades & Fill the darks spaces with Flash using my Sb-700 Flash & Softbox & Composed it later with Photoshop


Client: Al-Serdal

Location: Doha, Qatar

Interior Designer:  Mahmoud Amin



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